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What are Shawnee Steps?

Shawnee Steps offer a long lasting way to beautify your entryway and provides you with a comfortable safe set of steps.

Shawnee Steps are of pre-cast concrete and are of one piece construction. Being monolithic in design, Shawnee Steps are free to move with the frost and are easily re-leveled should the need arise. The exterior risers and side walls are available in a variety of finishes as shown here.

Shawnee Steps are available in a variety of finishes as well as plain concrete. For safety these steps are also available with electric heat to melt winter snow and ice.

Picture of five riser step with platform.

Shawnee Steps are available in various models.

Standard with 14" top step (porch step)

Standard with a landing 30" or 42" deep.

Sideways (left or right),
50" X 60", 50" X 72"

Two-way (4' X 5' platform)

Terrace Steps (various widths)


Shawnee Steps

Available with steel railings that are manufactured, sandblasted, and powder coated to eliminate rust and the need to paint. Our standard railing color is satin black. Other colors are shown below and are available as special order. Left to right: Wrinkle Black, Bronze, Copper Vein, Silver Vein, Almond, and White. Standard black shown at right.

Picture of rail against sky.
Shawnee Steps are distributed throughout
Maine and New Hampshire
by America Concrete Industries
of Auburn & Bangor Maine

For pricing, we recommend one of our qualified estimators who can give suggestions as to what would best suit your needs. 

Email us for a free estimate,
or call us at (207) 784-1388 or (207) 947-8334

Should you desire to measure your own entryway then we recommend
going to our “How to measure page”.