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Pre-cast Concrete High Rise Stairs


High rise pre-cast concrete steps being installed at Promenade East, Portland Maine High rise pre-cast concrete steps
  • Erected with the steelwork,
    allowing immediate assess.

  • Fireproof.

  • Sound deadening.

  • Swept finish on treads - non-skid.

Shawnee high rise stairs are
pre-engineered for your
construction needs.

Riser heights, tread depths, and stair widths are adjustable to
meet your building's needs.

Available throughout
northeastern United States


High rise pre-cast concrete steps installed at Sugarloaf USA

For more information contact:

American Concrete Industries

1022 Minot Avenue
Auburn ME 04210 USA
(207) 784-1388 - Fax (207) 783-4039
(New England only)
Richard Mowatt

1717 Stillwater Avenue
Bangor ME 04401 USA
(207) 947-8334 - Fax (207) 947-3580
Terry Cousins