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Shawnee Steps and Stair Systems

Available within Northern New England only
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Shawnee Steps offer a long lasting way to beautify your entryway and provides you with a comfortable safe set of steps.

Shawnee Steps are of pre-cast concrete and are of one piece construction. Being monolithic in design, Shawnee Steps are free to move with the frost and are easily re-leveled should the need arise. The exterior risers and side walls are available in a variety of finishes as shown here.

Shawnee Steps are available in a variety of finishes as well as plain concrete. For safety these steps are also available with electric heat to melt winter snow and ice.

Click on thumbnails below for larger views.

4 Riser-30-fieldstone.jpg (157896 bytes)

Above: Shawnee step with 30" landing. 
Finish: simulated
river rock

Sideways Shawnee step with 4' x 5' platform.
Finish: red brick.
Railings: brown aluminum

4R_sways_red_brick.jpg (31439 bytes)

Low-3r-b.jpg (34258 bytes)

Above: Old Brick

Terr-step-B.JPG (27533 bytes)

Below: 5 ft wide,
4 riser step finished
in simulated fieldstone

C-Snowe-B.JPG (42305 bytes)
Above: Shawnee sideways step finished in simulated cobblestone

Below: Exposed 

Exposed_Ag-1.jpg (26592 bytes)


sway-agg-B.JPG (31855 bytes)

Left: Shawnee sideways step with 4' x 5' platform. Finish: exposed aggregate

Shawnee 7/11 steps.
These steps are designed to meet the building codes of most localities for commercial construction

Left: Shawnee 7' wide, 2 riser unit with 42" deep platform.
Finish: Old type brick

Left: Shawnee 10' wide, 4 riser unit with 60" deep platform.
Finish: Red brick

Railings by others.

Right: Shawnee 9' wide, 2 riser unit with 42" deep platform and planters both sides.

Finish: Simulated fieldstone.
Planters available left, right, or both sides.

Right: Shawnee 4' wide,
3 riser platform step

Finish: exposed aggregate
Click image to enlarge

Right: Shawnee planter step with additional planters
 Finish: Old type brick.

The look of granite by Shawnee
Click image to enlarge

Finish: Simulated buff fieldstone.
step with planter.
Click image to enlarge

Installation: step 1, step 2, step 3

0819_017.jpg (53331 bytes)0819_018.jpg (52391 bytes)0819_021.jpg (53064 bytes)
Thumbnail #1 - Removal of old steps
Thumbnail # 2 - Unloading of new Shawnee Steps
Thumbnail #3 - Completed installation two hours later

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