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Shawnee Step Finishes
Click on individual pictures for larger view

Shawnee Steps are made of pre-cast concrete and are of one piece construction. Being monolithic in design, Shawnee Steps are free to move with the frost and are easily re-leveled should the need arise.

The exterior risers and side walls are available in a variety of finishes as shown here.

Floated Finish Shawnee Step

Floated concrete finish

Red brick with regular motar

Red brick with regular
gray mortar.

Four Riser Sideways Shawnee Step with Fieldstone Veneer Finish

Fieldstone by
Eldorado Stone Company

Exposed Aggregate Finish

Exposed Aggregate

Cobblestone finish

Cobblestone by
Eldorado Stone

Red brick with black motar

Red brick with dark
gray mortar.

Glen-Gery Brick featuring the look of old brick.
Glen-Gery Brick
Click on photo to enlarge
Shawnee's Granite Type Step
Shawnee's Granite Type Step
Click on photo to enlarge

All veneers shown here, with the exception of Exposed Aggregate
& Granite Type, can also be applied to the home with mortar and rib lath.

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Bangor ME 04401 USA
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