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Heat Mats for Shawnee Steps

Clears away ice and snow within four hours!

Shawnee Pre-cast concrete steps Melt snow easily -
Do away with tracking in chemicals that would cause unsightly white stains on carpeting. Only a flick of the switch starts the melting process (usually only three to four hours needed to rid step of most ice and snow, depending on snowfall and outside temperature).
Approximate cost to operate the following
platform steps for a four hour period.
Width No. Risers Total Wattage x 4 hrs. for
average storm
x 14.5
per kwh
5 ft. 1 800 3.2 kwh 46
5 ft. 2 1,200 4.8 kwh 70
5 ft. 3 1,400 5.6 kwh 82
5 ft. 4 1,600 6.4 kwh 93
5 ft. 5 1,800 7.2 kwh 105
5 ft. 6 2,000 8 kwh 116
6 ft. 1 1,200 4.8 kwh 70
6 ft. 2 1,400 5.6 kwh 82
6 ft. 3 1,800 7.2 kwh 105
6 ft. 4 2,000 8 kwh 116
6 ft. 5 2,400 9.6 kwh 140
6 ft. 6 2,600 10.4 kwh 151
Connection Steps

240 volt mats are standard. Other voltages are available upon special request. You should always consult your electrician on what to buy and on connecting to your power supply.

Double pole, single throw switches, or tandem circuit breakers to open both sides of line should be used except where cables are common phase to neutral. Locate switch gear in any protected, convenient location. It is also advisable to include a pilot lamp on the load side of each switch so that there is a visual indication when the mats are energized.

Castings having more than one heat mat should be wired in parallel. Secure all splices with approved pressure crimped connectors or set screw type wiring clamps. Thoroughly tape all power splices with plastic electrical tape. All connections in below grade unction boxes must be protected by a suitable potting compound.

A listing of heat mat voltage and wattage is located on inside of junction box cover plate.

Shawnee's heating mats are made from cables supplied by The Easy Heat Company of New Carlisle, Indiana. We have had excellent results using them for the past twenty five years.

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