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Powder Coated Shawnee Railings

Available within Northern New England only

Wrought iron Our railings are fabricated in our own shop in Auburn, Maine. After fabrication, the railings are shot-blasted, then coated with two coats of baked-on polyester powder coat. The first coat is a zinc-rich coat that protects the steel railing. This layer is partially baked on before the second layer is applied. After the second layer is applied, the railing is baked in ovens to cure and bind both layers into an integrated coating system. This polyester powder-coat system is one of the finest railing finishes available anywhere.

Our standard railing color is satin black. Other colors are shown below and are available as special order. Left to right: Wrinkle Black, Bronze, Copper Vein, Silver Vein, Almond, and White

Wrought iron

Rail picture
Railings above are without scrolls.
Railings to the right are with optional scrolls.
Railings are made to conform to BOCA building codes.
Shawnee builds railings for their own steps and ramps, but also builds railings for others. Home owners, and contractors, are anxious to have rails that will stay rust free!

American Concrete Industries

1022 Minot Avenue
Auburn ME 04210 USA
(207) 784-1388 - Fax (207) 783-4039

1717 Stillwater Avenue
Bangor ME 04401 USA
(207) 947-8334 - Fax (207) 947-3580