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Job Site Requirements
for Bulkheads

The PermEntry Basement Entry is an engineered system which requires proper foundation preparation, drainage, backfilling and grading to ensure a satisfactory installation. The following steps are necessary for optimum performance:

1. Foundation Preparation:

  • 1.a) Width of opening in foundation shall be 40" maximum width for all Types.

  • 2.b) The foundation walls shall be smooth, clean, dry, and free of all coatings within 12 inches of the opening for the PermEntry unit.

  • 3.c) The footing shall be clean and dry.

  • 4.d) When foundation is backfilled, leave minimum work area for PermEntry installation as shown in documentation.

2. Footing Drainage:

  • 1.a) Footing drains extend at least a minimum of 12 inches beyond the outside edge of the footing shall be installed according to approved methods.

  • 2.b) Footing drains of washed gravel, or crushed stone, should be installed with the bottom of the washed gravel, or crushed stone, even with, or below the bottom of the wall footings, and extending up at least 6 inches above the top of the footing. The top of the washed gravel or crushed stone shall be covered with an appropriate filter membrane material.

  • 3.c) When drain tile or perforated pipe is used, the bottom shall be placed higher than the floor elevation. The top of the open joints and perforations shall be protected by an approved filter membrane material, and the drainage tiles or perforated pipe shall be placed on a minimum of 2 inches of washed gravel or crushed stone at least one sieve size large than the tile joint opening or perforation and covered with not less than 6 inches of the same material.

  • 4.d) For more information, please refer to the BOCA National Building Code/1990, Section 1224.5.2, or CABO ONE and TWO FAMILY DWELLING CODE, 1989 Edition, Section R-305.1, or local building codes.

3. Backfilling:

  • 1.a) All construction debris, including cardboard, insulation, scraps of wood and all other debris shall be removed from under and around the PermEntry unit to eliminate voids and permit compacted backfilling.

  • 2.b) Soils used in backfilling shall be free of organic material, construction debris and large rocks. Use only coarse clean sand (no silt or clay), washed gravel, or crushed stone. Tamp backfill every 24 inches to assure tight compacture.

4. Site Grading:

  • 1.a) The PermEntry unit shall be not less than 2 inches above the finished grade, with 4 inches recommended, and the surrounding earth shall be pitched away from the unit to
    shed water.

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