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Pricing of Shawnee Pre-cast Concrete Steps
Model Number of risers Finish
Shawnee has several models:
  • Steps only (14" top step)
  • 30" deep platform
  • 42" deep platform
  • Sideways 4'x5' platform
  • Sideways 4'x6' platform
  • Two-way side step
You should first go to the
“How To Measure Chart” to determine how many risers that you will need.

Choose a width that is wider than your doorway, or entrance, by at least two feet. Remember, railings set in from sides by four inches.

If you need assistance with this, a Shawnee estimator will be glad to assist you.

Finishes available:
  • Plain concrete
  • Exposed aggregate
  • Simulated Granite
  • Fieldstone
  • Brick
  • Genuine Ledge Rock


E-mail us for a free estimate. Remember, we will need model,
number of risers, width, and finish.
Also, please give us the city and state you live in.
We only service Maine and New Hampshire.

With this information we will be able to send you an approximate price by E-mail.

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